What Is The Role Of Silicone Rubber

Update time:11 May 2020

Silicone rubber graft: having extra physiological funct […]

Silicone rubber graft: having extra physiological function, the body can do with the "intimacy", the human body does not supplant it, certainly after time, it will be completely integrated with the human body to arrange stability is very prominent.

Tympanic membrane repair silicone rubber sheet: its thin, flexible sheet, finish and patience are outstanding. Eardrum repair information is ambition, and simple operation, the effect is quite good.

In addition to the silicone rubber artificial trachea, artificial lung, bone, silicone rubber tube duodenum, efficacy are very ambitious.

Silicone rubber has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, dielectric properties, resistance to ozone and atmospheric aging and other functions, silicone rubber outstanding feature is the use of the majority of temperature, can -60 ℃ (or lower) to +250 long-term use ℃ (or higher temperature). But the tensile strength and tear strength silicone rubber and other mechanical function is poor, at room temperature is less than most of its physical and mechanical features of synthetic rubber and nitrile addition to silicon, fluorosilicone rubber, the silicone rubber is usually oil and solvent function poor, it is not appropriate for the case of silicone rubber general conditions, but very suitable for many special occasions.

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