Design Artwork or Original Samples:

Receiving the artwork or reference boots from customers


Sampling Details Communication::

Staff from our department of foreign trade will confirm each component of the sample boot.



We will quote base on all the confirmed details of the sample.


Initial Sampling:

Tidy up all details of the sample to hand over to the sampling room for first sampling. There may be few adjustments before all components are confirmed.


Confirmation Sample:

Receiving bulk production orders from customers and make confirmation sample/production reference sample accordingly.


Raw Material Purchase:

Purchase all production materials according to the confirmation sample and trace the status to make sure the delivery will be made on time.


Bulk Production:

Technician make SOP and production management team will hold pre-production meetings to all workers to make sure each step is done properly.


Final Inspection:

Inspection will be done at each stage of production by QA team according to customers’ quality standards and customers will do the final inspection.



Prepare the paperwork for the freight forwarder and deliver the goods off the factory on scheduled dates.