Comparison Of PVC Rubber Rain Boots With Other Materials

Update time:12 Dec 2020

  Rubber rain boots or PVC rain boots Rubber rain boots […]

  Rubber rain boots or PVC rain boots Rubber rain boots and PVC rain boots are more common in the market. As for which is better, it should be judged according to the actual needs of consumers. The rubber rain boots are formed by die casting, the fineness is difficult to control, the production efficiency is low, and the appearance is rough. However, its insulation and corrosion resistance is better, and its flexibility and breath-ability are better than PVC rain boots. Polyvinyl chloride rain boots are injection molded, the process is easy to control, the production efficiency is high, the material is beautiful in appearance, and the price is cheap, but the insulation and corrosion resistance is poor. The inner wall of rubber rain boots is generally beige cotton, which is comfortable to wear. The inner wall of polyvinyl chloride is generally made of cotton cloth without an inner wall or only made of wire mesh, which is uncomfortable to wear and does not absorb sweat. Please note that no matter what material you choose, you should pay attention to cleaning and storage after use. Don't let your feet get wet on rainy days, otherwise, it will damage your health.

  Waterproof canvas rain boots

  Generally speaking, canvas with waterproof, mildew, and bulletproof functions is made of polyester fabric and wax oil. It has the characteristics of bright color, lightweight, softness and durability, high strength, high tensile strength, sun protection, water resistance, mildew resistance, frost resistance, and corrosion resistance. Waterproof canvas shoes should avoid cutting and collision with sharp objects during use.

  EVA rain boots

  EVA has good chemical stability, weather resistance, ozone sterilization resistance, bright colors, and no pollution. Since EVA has a closed bubble structure, it does not absorb water and has good moisture resistance and water resistance.

  PVC rubber rain boots

  Depending on the number of additives, PVC is divided into soft and hard PVC. Soft products are flexible and tough, feel sticky, stable, not easily corroded by acids and Alison, and are relatively resistant to heat, but have strong pungent properties.

  Rubber rain boots

  Shoe rubber is a mixture of various rubbers, such as polystyrene butane rubber, butane rubber, and natural rubber. The rain boot cover made of rubber is extremely susceptible to the combined effects of internal and external factors, which will cause aging and make it unusable.

  Plastic rain boots

  Plastic rain boots have stable chemical properties, no corrosion, good impact resistance, low processing cost, good transparency and wear resistance. However, although plastic rain boots are convenient, they cause environmental pollution and are not breathable.

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