You Need to Choose Solid Rain Boots

Update time:05 Nov 2021

Made from natural materials Jinhu Solid Rain boots are […]

Made from natural materials
Jinhu Solid Rain boots are made from natural rubber, which is a durable and soft material. Natural rubber is 100% waterproof and supple. This makes the rain boots flexible, comfortable and easy to wear and walk around in.

Both wide and narrow shafts
Our rain boots are designed in line with modern trends and fashion, come in many different colors as well as a variety of details and patterns. At bigaard, we have rain boots for boys and girls, big and small. Our rain boots have a great fit while still providing support and stability to the feet. We make rain boots with both narrow and wide shafts to ensure that your child can walk around naturally and that wearing them does not hinder their play or ability to walk.

Room for growth in rain boots
When buying rain boots for your child, avoid buying ones with too much room for growth as rain boots cannot be strapped to the foot in the same way other footwear can.

If the rain boots are far too big, the feet and heels will slide back and forth. This could mean they wear down faster, both on the inside and the outside. Rain boots are already fairly large and wide compared to other shoes and boots. You should therefore make sure to choose a pair with an appropriate volume, both in terms of shaft and width. If you want a little extra warmth and a more snug fit, you can add an extra wool sole inside the boots. A thick pair of stockings or wool socks can also help.

Caring for rain boots
Natural rubber footwear requires a little care in order to keep it in great condition. You should always try to keep the rain boots free of dirt and grime to avoid unnecessary wear and tear. Applying natural plant oils, such as olive oil, also helps. The oil preserves the natural suppleness of the rubber, thereby extending the life of your rain boots.

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