You can trust rubber boots to protect your feet

Update time:25 May 2022

A pair of rubber boots is the armor you need to stay dr […]

A pair of rubber boots is the armor you need to stay dry and upright when you're up against sticky mud. Latex-based natural rubber and its petroleum-based synthetic counterparts are both naturally impermeable to water.

The downside is that they don't allow water vapor to escape like the breathable membrane boots used in waterproof hiking boots. So when your feet sweat naturally, moisture is more or less trapped. Low or mid-cut boots will be more comfortable in this regard, as there is less rubber, but high-cut boots will allow you to avoid flooding your boots with mud when wading through deep swamps.

The utility model features a one-piece rubber upper that bonds to the midsole and outsole of the boot. The heavy-duty option is housed in a rubber shell around the foot and extends out of a flexible neoprene bootie. Neoprene was developed in 1930 as the first synthetic rubber as an insulating material and as a second water and oil barrier for job sites and other construction and project environments.

If you're wearing boots in cold conditions, the extra warmth is worth the extra investment. There are also classic duck boots, which are generally lighter and have a rubber and full-grain leather upper, making them more suitable if you plan to wear them primarily for tracking muddy sidewalks or muddy trails.

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