Understand the origin of safety boots and the conditions of selection

Update time:17 Dec 2021

The origin of safety shoes, footwear and foot protectio […]

The origin of safety shoes, footwear and foot protection devices can be traced back to the beginning of the 20th century, when industrial safety equipment first became a problem. In the past, it was cheaper to replace injured workers than to take safety measures. The earliest protective boots were wooden boots, formed from a piece of wood and hollowed out, traditionally worn by French and Brittany farmers. These boots were invented in Germany at the end of World War II. These were originally intended for workers to help protect themselves while working.

Choosing the right shoes according to the specific requirements of the job is essential to ensure that safety shoes provide proper protection. But experts say that choosing the right shoes for the job is only half the battle. When checking whether safety shoes need to be replaced, shoes with steel toe caps can provide more tactile cues than shoes with composite toe caps.

Usually safety shoes fail to meet expectations because safety shoes are not suitable for work tasks. Safety professionals can determine what kind of foot protection is required for each job by conducting a hazard assessment for each job task, thereby ensuring that workers are equipped with appropriate shoes or boots.

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