How to Store Children Rubber Boots?

Update time:29 Sep 2021

Rubber is known for cracking over time. Whilst the prop […]

Rubber is known for cracking over time. Whilst the properties of rubber make it great for Wellington boots, it is important to care for them correctly to preserve them from cracking. The Children rubber boots will eventually crack, however, there are plenty of things you can do to care for them to help prolong their lifespan. The most effective ways of preventing rubber cracking are suitable storage and conditioning.

To prevent cracking and the weakening of your rubber wellies, make sure to keep them in a cool, dry area such as a porch or garage. If you are lacking the space, you can store them away in one of our welly bags somewhere safe like your car or garden shed. Always remember to keep your rubber boots out of direct exposure to UV light.

To condition your rubber boot, try using our rubber spray after every time you use them. It has been developed to nurture our unique blend of rubber, keeping it flexible and strong.

To keep your rubber wellington the right shape and to avoid them from folding over between wears, fill them with something bulky such as old tea towels or scrunched up newspaper.


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