How to Clean the Exterior of Safety Rubber Boots?

Update time:05 Jan 2021

Quite simply, the Safety rubber boots should be cleaned […]

Quite simply, the Safety rubber boots should be cleaned with lukewarm water and dish soap (what I ofter refer to as a neutral cleaner) which tackles dirt without harming any surfaces. The Hunter website states to do this after each wear, which sounds pretty unrealistic to me. I’d recommend doing it maybe once a week or once every couple of weeks and of course more frequently depending on usage.

What you’ll need:
1) Clean rags (for wet and dry use) cut up tee shirts and old towels are perfect.

2) Dish liquid, about 1 teaspoon

3) Clean spray bottle

4) Water, about 1 litre

5) Scrub brush, optional.

Note: You can do this without the spray bottle, I just think it is more convenient this way.

Add water to the spray bottle and then add the dish liquid. Close bottle and shake well. Gently spray the exterior of each boot being careful to not spray the interior. Let the solution sit for about 3 minutes and break the dirt down. Then, take a rag and start to wipe the dirt off. I always like to start at the top and work my way to the bottom. Ensure to get the soles of the boots clean too. If needed, these can be cleaned with a scrub brush and water.

If you have zippered boots, clean dirt from the zippers using a gentle brushing motion (downward) to remove dirt form the zippers.

Then, take a clean rag and begin to dry the boots off. Let them air dry; don’t place them directly in the sun and do not place them in the dryer. Heat can dry and age the rubber, which would lead to not only a shorter lifespan, but shrinking, cracking and deformation of the rubber.

Give them the ol’ boot shine
If you wish to shine them,use Hunter Boot Buffer. Apply by spraying solution onto clean, dry boots (hold the bottle at least 6 inches away to get good coverage) and wipe clean with a cloth (like you are buffing them). You can also use the Hunter Instant Boot Shine, which is a self-contained silicone-impregnated sponge which instantly restores shine to your leather and rubber boots. To use that, simply buff clean, dry boots in a circular motion with the sponge. I did not get the sponge since my boots are matte, however I’ve heard enough about it to know that it works well.


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