How important is foot protection?

Update time:19 Feb 2022

Safety boots are shoes with protective reinforcement in […]

Safety boots are shoes with protective reinforcement in the front and are very durable. Reinforcement helps protect toes from falling objects or compression of any kind. They usually have a bottom plate installed in the main sole to prevent possible punctures from below. The reinforcements are usually made of steel, so they are sometimes called steel toe boots.

Foot protection includes safety shoes, which are an important part of workers' personal protective equipment elements to keep feet safe and healthy. Accordingly, a supplementary provision for the front of the boot is the introduction of steel toes. As a complement to boots, it protects the foot and helps prevent injuries. Steel toes also reduce the severity of injuries that can occur within the workplace. Importantly, it is considered the last line of defense in the risk control hierarchy.

Foot protection means protecting your toes, ankles and feet from injury. Each foot contains 26 supporting bones and 38 kinematic joints. The feet also have blood vessels, ligaments, muscles, and nerves, which is why you feel pain when you step on your toes or drop something on your feet. Your feet are an important part of your body that you use every day and, in some cases, allow you to do your work efficiently.

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