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Update time:01 Apr 2020

Waste rubber industry in the field of recycling and reu […]

Waste rubber industry in the field of recycling and reuse in full swing, the current waste rubber recycling industry is facing market pressures, special protection pressure, political pressure and environmental pressures, the industry output is expected this year will remain at last year's level, but the benefits will decline. In October last year, has been a seller of scrap rubber recycling industry began to feel the pressure of the market, large-scale enterprises greater pressure - rubber manufacturers.

Waste rubber recycling industry situation is still grim. According to statistics, the current production of 500,000 tons of recycled rubber, rubber powder production of 100,000 tons, and reclaimed rubber powder sales income of 3.0 billion, is expected this year, reclaimed rubber, rubber powder production and sales growth of around 4%

For waste rubber recycling industry in terms of research and development and application of new technology and equipment level, new technology and new equipment has been significantly improved. Waste rubber recycling Branch statistics show that this year and reclaimed rubber powder production, profits, profits have significantly improved year on year, but exports are still severely disrupted.

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