2021 Social Responsibility Report

Update time:17 Mar 2022

The social responsibility report issued by the company […]

The social responsibility report issued by the company is based on the "China Corporate Social Responsibility Report".
Guide to be prepared. Focusing on 2021, this report truly and objectively reflects the company's performance
information on social responsibility, and comprehensively explain the company's cognition and practice of social responsibility.

1. Scope of the report
The organization scope of this report is Hangzhou Kumho Footwear Co., Ltd. This report describes from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021, the company's protection of shareholders' rights and creditors' rights, employee rights protection, supplier, customer and consumer rights protection, environmental protection and sustainable development, public Concepts, systems, measures taken and performance achieved in relation to social welfare undertakings, etc.

2.Report release form
The company regularly releases a quality credit report every year, and this report is in the form of a paper document Announce it to the public on the community bulletin board, welcome to read and make valuable comments.

2021 Social Responsibility Report



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