A brief history of rubber boots

Update time:07 Jan 2022

As rain boots, they are not only the shoes of choice fo […]

As rain boots, they are not only the shoes of choice for the farmers in the fields and cowsheds, but also not only the loyal companions of the hunters in the woods. On the contrary, rubber boots are becoming an increasingly fashionable and modern accessory. They are very fashionable now and will soon become a landscape on the city streets.

The quality and craftsmanship of the outer material, that is, the plastic used, plays an important role, but the rubber boots are not exactly the same. Really very good high-quality rubber boots usually keep the promise made by their name: they are made of processed rubber or even natural rubber, and they are completely handmade.

Other materials are now increasingly used in the production of boots, especially high-quality and efficient polyurethane and polyvinyl chloride. For non-professionals, the difference between the various alternatives is not very obvious, especially considering that there are almost endless products on the market.

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